Infographic: Step-by-step Guide to planning a trip


1 Destination

Choose the country you want to visit. Find out what are the attractions, interesting places or events. Ask friends, perhaps someone has already been there.

2 Documents

Find out which Visa you need and check validity of your passport. If you are going a country where you need a visa, check it early and plan accordingly. Also check that a your passport is valid for at least 6 months by the time you enter a country,

3 Planning

Decide on how long you are going to travel. Find out which currency needed in the country, where is better to change, which language the locals speak, what to fear and how to get from the airport to the city. Make a day-to-day your travel route do not miss anything interesting.

4 Budget

Find out how much your trip will cost you. How much are the hotel, attractions, tour, cafes and restaurants?. How much money will you need per day? Knowing all these will help you have an estimate of how much you’ll need for your trip.

5 Accommodation

Reserve you accommodation in advance. Look for a place close to the center, to spend a minimum of time on the road. If you are planning a trip for a long time, book your accommodation just for the first few days. Then you can book your accommodation along the route.

6 Tickets

Book your tickets through a reliable travel agency to avoid unwarranted cancellation or being the passenger who paid the most. To get the best deals, book your tickets two months in advance.

7  Money

No matter where you go, should have some cash in foreign the currency of the host country for first days. Money may be required to pay for a taxi or in places where the payments is not made on the card.

8 Vaccination

Many countries require that you have certain vaccinations before you enter the country. This will protect you from acquiring the disease while you travel.

9 Insurance

Travel insurance is something you will need on the road. You never know what might happen, and most health plans won’t cover you overseas.

Insuring you baggage and travel tickets can also come in handy.

10 Baggage

For how long are you going and how much do you really need? It doesn’t take a lot of things, travel light. And don´t forget your luggages must not exceed weight of 23 kg. Pack less than that if you want to bring some souvenirs.

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