12 Destinations to Visit in Europe

Still dreaming about that European vacation? Well, how about stop dreaming and start planning your trip to Europe right now. You’ll find everything here, from culture and fabulous history to outstanding nightlife, mouthwatering food, picturesque villages, and charming atmosphere. Take a look at my list of 12 destinations to visit Europe and who knows, maybe you’ll finally find that impulse you keep seeking for so long.

1.Granada, the city of Alhambra and pelicular neighborhoods.

2. Paris might be overrated and full of clichés, but it’s also chic, gorgeous, and utterly romantic.

3. Rome, the Eternal City perched on seven hills, home of the magnificent Colosseum and the iconic Trevi Fountain.

4. Venice. The vintage beauty, the sophistication, and the erotic atmosphere of Venice cannot be compared with anything else.

5. Corsica, the Isle of Beauty forgotten in the Med. A French mix of wild beaches, mountains and rich history.

6. Ibiza, the most picturesque party island on Earth.

7. Sicily, the largest and probably the most fascinating of the Mediterranean islands.

8. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia – one of the best-kept secrets of Europe.

9. Cote d’Azur with its pretty historical towns, quaint fishing villages, and swanky vibe.

10. Puerto Banus, Marbella – the most fashionable and luxurious resort in Southern Spain.

11. Cinque Terre, Italy’s most genuine display of charm. The 5 colorful villages on the Italian Riviera are definitely something to behold.

12. Lisbon. Although one of Europe’s most underrated capitals, Lisbon is a quixotic mixture of culture, history, Fado music, and sunshine.

David Perea

David Perea

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